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Well we weren’t exactly lucky with the weather. It turner the weather forecast was actually right and the weather was crap… Typical Dutch rain showers all day. But we were prepared and brought umbrella’s! But first breakfast.


We planned to first visit the Colosseum today. It was stilly dry while we walked to the metro, when we came out the weather had already changed and the rain was pouring down. But that didn’t make the Colosseum less impressive. It’s hard to believe that it was build by humans thousands of years ago. We heard that the inside wasn’t that special so we didn’t went in and continued our route. We didn’t really had a destination but picked a route from our tourist guide. I sort of felt like we were walking in circles, but we since there’re pretty buildings and churches everywhere, it didn’t really matter. I stopped raining for a while but not for long… Today there was a marathon, I felt really bad for the poor runners.


We didn’t had much on our to-do list today. So since we were close to the via del Corso, where you find the biggest Zara on earth, it was time for some shopping. The Zara was amazing. Big, spacious and quiet. But somehow I couldn’t find anything that I really wanted. Nothing gave me that instant feeling of happiness when you find something that makes your wardrobe complete (that feeling of completeness never lasts long though). So I came out empty handed, that’s a first. We ate some pasta and went back to the hotel for a little bit of rest, before we went out for dinner.

Here are the pics of our second day that made the cut.

Rome Rome RomeRomeRome Rome Rome

Pictures taken by my dad and me


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