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Last saturday I went to Rome with my dad for four days. It was quite a while ago since we travelled together, the last time was to New York in 2010. We both had never been to Rome before, so we visited all the touristic highlights and took lots of pictures! My four day trip to Rome is also one of the reasons of the silence on the blog (again..). The other reason is that I have exams next week and just have so much work to do. Too many deadlines and I’m kind of running out of time… 24 hours in a day are just not enough. But I couldn’t wait to share my first day in beautiful Rome with you!

It’s saturday and my alarm goes of at 3 am… At that moment I wasn’t very excited for the trip, you can probably understand why. But by the time we arrived at the airport, I was fully awake and excited! I tried to sleep a little during the flight, but without any succes.

Soon we arrived to Rome and hopped on the train to the city. Our hotel was near Vatican City and was beter than I expected. It was quite new and very modern. Since they weren’t completely done cleaning our room when we arrived, we first went outside again to get something to drink and try some delicious Italian ice-cream (the first of many). Before we were going to explore the city, we decided to go back to the hotel and take a little nap because of the super short night.

After a few hours of sleep we felt much better and headed out again, this time to really explore the city! From our hotel we walked all the way to the Spanish Stairs. The Spanish Stairs were not so impressing itself, the amount of tourists was. It mainly was a big stairs filled with tourists. On our way to the stairs we came a cross lots of designer stores. All far above my budget unfortunately.

The rest of our day included lots of walking, delicious food, wine and pretty streets.



pictures taken by my dad and me



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